For the planning of any future strategy in the company, one unavoidable step is the assessment of assets.

What may appear on a balance point as a cold, can have a momentous and strategic weight in the current or future performance of the company and the assessment of both technical and market can be established.

An asset has a book value or technician and also an alternative value will be based on the value added, which would be capable of providing a similar asset to replace that.

Valdez - Auditors offers to assess, correlate and manage in a rational manner and industrial physical assets of your company.


Inventories and Valuations of Property

For agencies, companies or individuals

The inventory is performed based on the requirements and customer needs, using standard methodology, barcode technology and developing the different activities with the necessary depth.

When the inventory to make, is for a public agency, the work shall conform to the methodology to check the Superintendencia de Bienes nacionales and other regulations.

The delivery of the work can be done on computer compatible, making it possible to request of our clients to implement a custom software for further processing, maintenance and updating of the Inventory, this package of services including training of personnel will to take responsibility for their maintenance and updating.

Among the services provided are the following:

  • Update assets.
  • Claims adjustments for insurance companies.
  • Asset
  • Advice on valuation.
  • Advice on programming and inventory
  • Valuation of companies start up or liquidation.
  • Industrial valuations.
  • Studies valuation of machinery and industrial equipment.
  • Valuation of inventories.
  • Guarantee and Inspection Equipment.
  • Inspection Equipment Leasing dice.
  • Management and inventory control.
  • Management and control of files.
  • Mounting the asset and inventory information in database.
  • Accounting Judicial Expert.
  • Conducting Inventories.
  • Review of pledges and mortgages for credit.
  • Valuations of intangibles: Good Wlll, Trademarks and Patents.
  • Valuations for insurance purposes.
  • Valuations for leasing operations and Lease Back.
  • Movable and immovable property

Asset Recovery

  • Valuation of Urban and Rural Properties
  • Valuation of Industrial Premises
  • Valuation of Shopping Centers
  • Valuing Machinery, Equipment and Implements
  • Vehicle recovery in general
  • Valuation of Mineral Deposits
  • Ship Recovery
  • Aircraft Valuation
  • Valuing a going concern
  • Valuation of Intangibles
  • Business Value up
  • Value of a Business Name
  • Agro Industrial Asset Recovery
  • Recovery of Works of Art
  • Chemical Recovery
  • Inspection and valuation of Warrants
  • Technical Consultancy Valuation of assets and / or guarantees.

Technical consulting services are provided by an officially recognized group of appraisers. Expressing his services in executing the tasks appropriate to their specialty, such as the valuation of assets for purposes of further transfer and / or creation of security. Work carried out by professionals and specialists in each field with remarkable accuracy. Circumstance that has meaning and including among its clients have different banks and financial institutions of the national system.